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Many Ways to Heal

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I’ve learned a lot about alternative ways to heal thanks to my son. Before my son had his first concussion at 9 years old, he had a series of other health challenges. None were considered a serious illness and yet by the time he was 7 years old he was on 5 different prescriptions medicines. Each doctor he saw visited for each new health issue gave him yet another prescription. I started to worry how these medications would interact with each other and what long-term consequences would result from them. I felt certain that no testing had ever been conducted with this precise combination of medications and certainly not on a 7-year old child.

It was about this point when we were dealing with a recurrent illness that we found an amazing pediatric gastroenterologist. This doctor is not your typical doctor. In addition to being an MD he is also trained in Chinese medicine and homeopathic medicine. This was my first exposure to either of these ways of treating patients, and I found it truly fascinating. We would talk and he would ask a lot of questions. When he had a clear picture of everything going on he would explain the situation from a western medicine perspective and proceed to explain the situation from a Chinese medicine perspective. I did not have the background to understand even the basics of Chinese medicine, but he was very patient with his explanations.

Once he had finished explaining the doctor would “prescribe” homeopathic remedies. He also had to teach us about how homeopathic remedies are created by diluting substances many, many times. The American Institute of Homeopathy says that one of the things that is different about homeopathy is that it treats the entire person. That is so important that we will talk about that concept in detail next time.

The homeopathic medicines almost always worked. The first time it was for a recurring condition that other doctors, even those from a local children’s hospital, had been unable to figure out. The prescribed homeopathics solved the issue, and it never came back. Each time one issue was resolved we would move onto the next one, eliminating a prescription medication each time. The final switch from prescription medication to homeopathic remedy involved a behavior at school. We told the school that we switched the medication and to retest his behavior that originally required the medication. The result was that his behavior was the same on the homeopathic as it had been on the prescription medication. This meant he was now off of all the medications.

This was the beginning of my journey of the last 10+ years to learn about all of the varied healing options that are not discussed by traditional doctors. If you aren’t feeling yourself and doctors are unable to explain -- you aren’t crazy and there are options! Reach out to Journey 2 Healing and we would be happy to help you along your path.

In love and gratitude,


Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash

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