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How do I help my son heal?

When my son was 9 years old he sustained a concussion during football practice. While he appeared to recover and get back to his normal activities (not including football), we soon found out that he actually hadn’t recovered and his body finally rebelled. The result was a scary experience for all of us. He often had pain in his head and/or stomach, he needed to avoid light and couldn’t focus or concentrate. This happened with him even though we followed all of the guidance of his sports medicine physician. Several months after these intense symptoms re-emerged we were referred to a BodyTalk practitioner when our son’s doctor ran out of options. This was my first experience with any type of energy healing practice.

The appointments were about 45 minutes from our house so my son would lay in the back seat while his Dad or I drove him to his BodyTalk appointments which were 2-3 times per week in the beginning. I was amazed at the results. Our son who had missed almost a semester of 4th grade was gradually regaining function. It wasn’t instantaneous, but it helped significantly when there were no other options. If you have never experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), then you might not know that conventional western medicine has no treatments for a TBI when there are no physical symptoms such as a brain bleed. We didn’t seek out energy healing “in lieu” of western medicine. We found it when western medicine had no answers and no help. It was simultaneously frustrating and terrifying to watch my son unable to function, and seek help in a medical community that had no answers. That is a common theme for people who find their way to any of the various types of energy medicine. Most often people do not just “decide” that they don’t want to follow conventional medicine. They start looking for results in other places because western medicine has failed to provide them the help that they need.

I read an article this morning about someone who was using a non-conventional therapy for a situation where an appendicitis was needed and their family member blamed the non-conventional therapy. (In this particular article the therapy being discussed was essential oils). I am sure there are outlier situations where this happens with any modality. This can happen if someone gets overly focused on one treatment creating blinders to what they really need. However, in my experience, that is rare. In most cases, people desperately want conventional medicine to work and only go looking in other places because they so desperately need answers. Additionally, a modality such as BodyTalk keeps the focus on the body’s priority which should avoid this scenario entirely.

The experience with my son’s journey to recovery taught me to be open to something working that I might not understand. I now realize that even if I don’t fully understand HOW something works, it can still be effective. This has served me well as I have continued on my own journey 2 healing.

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