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Frequency Healing Device

Healy is a small, portable quantum field micro-current and resonant frequency unit that you can use to improve your own health.  


Do either of these situations sound familiar?

If you’re a practitioner:
You want people to heal and heal completely. You know the power of energy medicine and its use of frequencies, and at the same time, you know that people get stuck or can’t follow through.  You know you’re doing great work with your clients, but you also know they often need more support between sessions to keep the momentum. So much can get in the way: environment, diet, sleep, exercise, events, etc., and you know that those factors can either slow down their healing and/or keep them (or even yourself) from the momentum that you would like them to have.

For yourself and your family:
You may have been looking for tools that can help and support you in your own health and well-being – you would love to have something that’s easy to use that would deepen the work you already do, and would at the same time help you help others.  
Whether you’re a client, student, or practitioner:
You may have learned several tools and techniques that could help. Yet even with the best of intentions, life can get in the way – and it’s often difficult to remember techniques in the situations when they would be most helpful.  Even if you (or your client) would get sessions daily, there are still so many other things inundating us on almost a constant basis: a whole mixture of emotions including grief, fear, sadness, even anger, not to mention the news, and so on.

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